Our group at the University of Virginia (UVa) is observing and timing a set 10 pulsars using station 1 of the Long Wavelength Array. Each pulsar of interest has either not been timed before or has an extremely old timing solution published for it.

Our group members are:



  • Cole Latvis
  • Demetri Workman
  • Dirk Pitts
  • Ian Walk
  • Jon Selby
  • Levi Schult
  • Liam Walters
  • Megan Kenny
  • Morgan Waddy
  • Nick Clifford
  • Raymundo Mora
  • Robin Leichtnam
  • Ryan Taylor
  • Shelby Laychak
  • Yara Yousef

The list of pulsars and who is observing them is below:

  • J0611+30: Megan Kenny, Yara Yousef, Raymundo Mora
  • J1929+00: Shelby Laychak
  • J2227+30: Liam Walters, Robin Leichtnam, Nick Clifford
  • B1504-43:
  • B0950+08: Cole Latvis
  • B2016+28: Ryan Taylor, Dirk Pitts
  • B1133+16: Demetri Workman, Morgan Waddy
  • B0655+64: Levi Schult, Ian Walk
  • B0820+02: Steven Stetzler, Jon Selby
  • B0823+26:

Observational data for each of these pulsars is stored on the LWA Pulsar Archive.

On our website, you can also find video recordings of our sessions with information and guided tutorials on using the LWA for pulsar observations and timing.